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Weight control, Overweight
A person gains weight if he eats more than what his body uses, has little physical activity, or has a low basal metabolic rate resulting in too much body fat. Obesity, which usually runs in families, leads to many health problems and shortens life expectancy.

  • Body weight of at least 20% in excess of normal body weight for his height, age, sex, and build.
  • Shortness of breath.
  • Sweatiness, overheating.

  • Diabetes mellitus.
  • Heart disease.
  • High blood pressure.
  • High blood cholesterol.
  • Osteoarthritis (inflammation of a joint due to the wearing out of the cartilage that lines it).
  • Back problems.
  • Cancer of the colon, rectum, prostate (in men), or breast, cervix, or uterus (in women).
  • Psychological problems, low self-esteem.

  • Overeating. Excess calories are stored as fat.
  • Sedentary lifestle (low physical activity, little or no exercise).
  • Low basal metabolism; hypothyroidism (unusually slow metabolism), in rare cases.

What you can do
  • Consult a doctor.
  • Reduce your weight by eating less and following a low-fat, high-fibre diet.
  • Begin an aerobics exercise program, but do not do it on your own. Seek the assistance of a trained instructor.
  • Engage in aerobic exercise activities eg swimming, cycling, walking, jogging, walk up stairs instead of using lifts. For the severe overweight start with non-weight-bearing exercise like swimming, cycling and water aerobic to prevent damage to the knees and ankles.

What your doctor can do for you
  • Determine the cause of the obesity and treat it.
  • Treat the complications.
  • Refer you to the dietitian.
  • Refer you to a psychiatrist for behavior modification therapy.
  • Check for contraindications to the weight control and aerobics programs.

Preventions tips
  • Always eat a balanced diet. Eat moderately sized meals. Eat low fat, low sugar but high fibre diet.
  • Exercise regularly.
Eat a balanced diet:
1. Avoid food high in sugar and fat.
2. Eat moderate amounts of starchy food, poultry & fish.
3. Eat more food with high fibre content.

The Malaysian Society for the Study of Obesity (MASSO) 03-755 1866, 03-440 5622, 03-292 3066, 03-294 7621

For products see Slimming aids page 509

Malaysia Healthcare Guide
subscription enquiry:
03-776 1615

Slimming aids
Weight control


Capsule 300mg x 50's
Contains Hydrastic canadansis extract
Uses As dietary supplement. Helps reduce excessive fat in the body.
How to use Adults 3 capsules daily. Children above 12 yrs 2 capsules daily. Capsules are to be taken once a day 1/2 hour after a light dinner.
Special instruction Swallow the capsule whole with a glass of water. Do not chew or crush.
Avoid using with Other slimming medicines, steroids.
Warning Do not take more than 250 g of sugar for 30 days.

Roche Consumer Health
Capsule 100's [913134X]
Contains Iodine 25 ug, vitamin B6 8.3 mg, soya lecithin 100 mg, apple cidar vinegar 40 mg
Uses As dietary supplement.
How to use Adults 2 capsules to be taken with a glass of water before each meal.

Tea powder 250 g
Contains Phellandrane
Uses As dietary supplement. Helps reduce absorption & digestion of fat in the body.
How to use Mix 2 teaspoonfuls of powder with hot water. Drink the whole cup of warm tea on an empty stomach 10 minutes before starting your regular breakfast. Do not take with sugar or milk.
Avoid using with Alcohol.
Warning If you are weighing 4o kg or less, consult your doctor first before using this medicine.

Powder 250 g
Contains Sesquithyene
Uses As dietary supplement. Helps reduce excessive fat in the body.
How to use Mix 2 teaspoonfuls of powder for every prepared cup of hot drink.

Haven't got enough time to exercise? Well, have you ever thought about how much time you spend watching advertisements on TV? Instead of just sitting there, get up and do some stretches or a few sit-ups. Or get a stationary bike and pedal off a few pounds. You'll be suprised how much you can do before your show starts again


Huey Yuan
Uses Promotes cardiovascular system. Helps to burn fat & tone muscle.
Features Compact for easy storage.

Model HBF-300
Uses For measurement of body fat percentage, body fat mass & obesity judgment.
How to use Input personal data then press the start button. Measurement result is displayed in 10 seconds.

Model HJ-102, HJ-202
Uses For measurement of your pulse & exercise intensity.
How to use Meassure your pulse by inserting your finger & pressing a button.
Features Easy-to-read bar graph shows exercise intensity & enables checking the course of your exercise at a glance.

Huey Yuan
Uses Exercise machine for a firmer stomach.
How to use Work out for at least 3 minutes a day.

Huey Yuan
Uses Exercise system to strengthen & tone the abdominal muscles.
Features Tek bands allows different resistance levels. It provides workout for both upper & lower abnominals & helps to tone stomach muscles.

Uses Helps to take off inchess from the waist while while you workout.
Features One size fits all & velcro fasteners enables it to be put on & off easily.

This article is refered to Malaysia Healthcare Guide - The family health guide MIMS 1997 2nd editon page 434-435 and 509-510


Yasmin's Mummy said...

Aduss siap kena refer to psychiatrist lagi.

So are you doing anything about your weight?

Ibu WA Alim said...

Teruk kan?
Mlm tadi pegi pasar mlm..dah belilah 1 VCD masih blm buka lagilah hari ni..sbnrnya kat rumah ni pun dah ada 4 VCD aerobic-senamrobik, tp baru sekali dua buka/ikut..begitulah nampaknya..itu yg sampai kena refer kat psychiatrist tu comp ni dah 2 kali buka dah hari ni..aa..mcm mana nak tukar tu..

nida said...

cy...bersenam ( berjln for 30 mins a day) n mengurangkan kuantiti mkn n makan makanan seimbang...ida lost 5kgs in 2 months

aida said...

kak ida dah kurus lagi ker?

CY.. nanti kalau aida dtg rumah, aida bawa digital scale. dan tungku moden yang CY pesan tu..

Ibu WA Alim said...

Ida, theoritical Cy tau..practical tu yg susah nak disiplin tu..
Eh..masih beralasan jugak Cy ni..
Tk la..mudah2an jadi perangsang utk Cy dll..dan tahniah..
Bila Aida nak dtg tu..? Eh Cy blm jemput pun raya2 kat rumah ye..dtg la sapa2 nak dtg..wp Syawal dah berakhir sound2lah dulu..elok juga kalu tunggu mok ada kat sini nanti..mok dtg with ayah su besok tau..

aida said...

oh yer.. bolehlah gi melawat mok nanti... raya kat rumah CY :)

Ibu WA Alim said...

Ok..nanti kita susun masa..InsyaAllah.

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